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FEMA - Are You Ready?
An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22) is FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. The guide has been revised, updated, and enhanced in August 2004 to provide the public with the most current and up-to-date disaster preparedness information available.
You can download the files from this page and/or visit the "FEMA Are You Ready?" from their WebSite.

FEMA Are You Ready? Preface (54 K)

FEMA Are You Ready? Why Prepare (185 KB)

FEMA Are you Ready? Basic Preparedness (1.1 MB)

FEMA Are you Ready? Natural Hazards Part 1 (1.5 MB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Natural Hazards Part 2 (4.3 MB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Technological Hazards (990KB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Terrorism (894KB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Recovering from Disaster (3.9MB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Appendix A: Water Conservation Tips (33KB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Appendix B: Disaster Supply Checklist (41KB)

FEMA Are You Ready? Appendix C: Family Communications Plan

U.S. Hazards Map

Misc "All Hazards Approach Websites"

Hawaii State Civil Defense - All-Hazards Preparedness -
Capabilities Based Planning - See Informational Documents -

Miscellaneous Papers on

 "All-Hazards Approach"

All Hazards Vs Homeland Security Planning (Sept 2005 Continuity e-Guide)

All Hazards/Homeland Security State Strategies and Best Practices (Maryland December 2004 Mid Altantic All Hazards Forum)

An All Hazards Approach is needed to support Building Movement by Norman E. Groner (NO Date)

An Australian Perspective in the Global Security Environment - Presentation (No Date)

Building an Integrated Preparedness and Emergency Management System_ The Case for Keeping FEMA Within DHS (Michael Chertoff June 2006)

GAO_ Homeland Security_ DHS' Efforts to Enhance First Responders' All Hazards Capabilities Continue to Evolve (July 2005)

Guidelines For Developing An All Hazards COOP (Miami Dade - No Date)

Handbook for conducting a GIS Based Hazards Assessment at the County Level (November 1997)

Hazard and Security Activities of the Transportation Research Board_ Six Goals for Transportation Security_An All Hazard Framework for Security Activities (July 2006)

If Disaster Strikes Today: A Governors Primer in All Hazard Emergency Management

Mental Health All Hazards Disaster Planning Guidance (2003)

Moving Towards All Hazards Public Health Preparedness (Testimony by Shelley Hearne, February 2004)

Orange County All Hazards Approach to Emergency Preparedness

South Carolina Department of Mental Health: All Hazards Disaster Response Plan (June 2006)

State Strategies for Using IT for an All hazard Approach to Homeland Security (July 2006)

The Road Map To Preparedness: A Competency Based Approach to All-Hazards Emergency Readiness Training for the Public Health Workforce (September-October 2005)

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