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Artificial Intelligence for Homeland Security

Bomb Shelters/Fallout Shelters: A Forgotten Civil Defense by Ines de Pablo

Bomb Shelters/Fallout Shelters: Civil Defense for the 21st Century, March 2003 by Ines de Pablo

CA Disaster & Civil Defense Master Mutual Aid Agreement

Deterrence in the Cold War and the War on Terror (2005)

Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation on the Americas

FEMA & Civil Defense Join Forces to Provide Disaster Assistance_May 2006

Fighting Chance_The Legacy of Cold War Civil Defense Programs

Office for Domestic Preparedness Guildelines for Homeland Security (June 2003)

Papers on the Role of the States in Homeland Security (Texas Homeland Defense Preparedness, 2003)

Who is the International Civil Defense Organization?

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Guam Civil Defense Office.gif

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