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Interpersonal Violence Threat Assessments

Gavin de Becker

Gavin de Becker and Associates provide high-level training in threat assessment and management. Unlike other threat assessment consultants, Gavin de Becker & Associates primarily focus on threats of interpersonal violence  such as workplace violence, difficult terminations, assessing and managing threats, domestic abuse, stalking in the workplace, and threats by students.
Newer topics include discussions on the impact of terrorism on threat assessment professionals (bio/chem. threats, alarmist news media, and psychological trauma).

Risk Management

Applied Risk Management

"A.R.M. recently had an outstanding "Terrorism Awareness & Prevention" conference in Foxwoods Connecticut. The speakers were truly outstanding (General (Ret.) Russell Howard & Rita Katz from the SITE Institute in particular), the material covered was very interesting and the staff was amazing. Highly recommended !"   I. de Pablo

Applied Risk Management's security consulting services include comprehensive analyses and recommendations resulting in security programs that protect our client's most valued assets. They offer services ranging from recommendations and technical specifications to full design and construction oversight services for integrated security systems. These services include the following:

Vulnerability And Risk Assessments

ARM 6 Step Risk Assessment Process

ARM Counter Terrorism Risk Assessment Methodology

ARM Biosafety Lab Risk Assessment Methodology

A/E Services | Security Design & Engineering

Access Control & CCTV Camera Systems Design

Central Station Design

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Design  

Policy and Procedure Creation

Security Policy, Procedure, and Post Order Development

Emergency Response Plan Development

Table Top Exercises, Drills, and Full Scale Exercises

Continuity of Operation Plans (COOP)

Workplace Violence

Emergency Evacuation

Security Training

Suicide Bomber Prevention Training

Terrorism/Counter Surveillance Training

Security Awareness

Workplace Violence Prevention

Security Command Center Operators Training

Terrorist Bombing Detection, Prevention & Preparedness

Prevention & Detection of Terrorist Bombings

Terrorist Bomber Counter Surveillance

Site Specific Counter Terrorism Analysis & Planning

Planning from the terrorists’ perspective – tactics, techniques, procedures and likely means of surveillance and attacks.


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