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Blood Vessel Technology


“The blood vessel technology has been used in Japan for the past decade and has proven very effective for both the commercial and residential user. We are now delighted to introduce this great well established biometric technology into the U.S. market.

The process is fairly straightforward, painless and non-invasive. Advantages include a) one MUST be alive to have blood flow in his/her veins (our sensor will detect the “body electro current” to ensure detection of continuous blood flow), b) like fingerprints, everybody, even the identical twins have different blood vessel patterns (also, each finger has its own pattern), c) unlike in fingerprint authentication, dirt or scars will not affect the reading and recognition and it can not be forged or changed, and d) the blood vessel authentication system is your ID card, password and key, all in one place that you can not misplace.

To learn more please look at our pdf brochures here below, click on the logo here above and/or call us at (562) 427-0773”

The Blood Vessel Authentication System

Desktop Model

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L1 – Identity Solutions


Together with their portfolio of companies - Viisage, Identix, Iridian, SecuriMetrics and Integrated Biometric Technology – L1 – Identity Solutions delivers a full range of products and technologies required for solving the problems associated with managing human identity. Overall they provide Biometrics, Secure Credentialing, and Document Authentication products.

For those interested in their biometrics products we recommend you take a look at the following products:


HIIDE™ (hand held device used for enrolling, identifying, and verifying subjects while on the move)

PIER™ 2.3 (iris enrollment and recognition)

FaceIT® Argus (captures faces in live video & searches database for wanted individuals)

FacePASS™ (face recognition-enabled access control product used to conduct one-to-one verification of an individual's identity)

BioLogon® Software (computer/network authentication solution)

IBIS Handheld Device (finger & face identification)

LatentExaminer (locate and analyze minutia placements)

Fingerprint Readers and Scanners (large-scale enrollment and verification applications)


Also find out how L1 – ID Solutions recommends using these products for

Border Security Management.

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Privaris has designed and developed a family of key-fob sized, personal, mobile devices that authenticate an individual's identity before interacting with their existing security systems used for granting access to buildings, offices, and garages (physical security), and computers, networks, and websites (logical security), as well as with the latest "wave and pay" contactless point-of-sale terminals for biometrically authenticated credit card transactions.

Privaris products are targeted for use by the average consumer, small businesses, corporate enterprises of all sizes, and federal, state and local governments.

plusID is the world's first personal biometric fingerprint fob. One device provides secure access to multiple facilities, computers, and networks.

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Vascular Pattern Reader

Identica Corporation is a national distributor of next-generation identity based security solutions. The company works with Value Added Partners, Systems Integrators and Third Party Consultants to supply the security market with accurate biometric verification solutions.

The Identica core product is the Identica VP-II, Vascular Pattern Reader. The VP-II is the ultimate device when looking for an affordable high-end biometrics security solution. This revolutionary technology verifies users by utilizing a patented recognition algorithm based on unique veins and capillaries found on the back of the human hand. The VP-II system can be configured to operate in stand-alone and/or networked environments using proprietary, TCP/IP and WiegandTM protocols.

Identica's Universal Controller (UC-2) combined with the HID iCLASS contactless smart card provides for a reliable, secure, encrypted access control solution.

           When the UC2 is combined with our IONcontrol software the client can control multiple VP-II’s, assign user access, log system user access, and reports system activities. IONcontrol runs on all Microsoft Windows Platforms and has easy-to-use graphical user interface. The client can run with virtually any operating system.

           In a network environment, IONcontrol provides a user-friendly method to setup or modify network configuration, automate system diagnosis, and provide flexible user-management methods.

Identica Corporation Products Overview

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