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The following companies provide GIS and/or Weather related services along with their given technologies.
(They are listed alphabetically) 

ESRI GIS & Mapping Software

ESRI provides Desktop, Server, Developer, Mobile & Hosted GIS. It provides services to the following industries:
Government (Public Safety - Disaster Management)
Health & Human Services
National Resources
GIS for Disaster Management
The analytical capabilities of GIS support all aspects of disaster management: planning, response and recovery, and records management.

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Weather Data Inc.

Innovative products and services have always fueled the growth of the company, but its future and longevity depended on some key business decisions. Foremost was the strategy to integrate the products and services into customized tool kits that gave customers exactly the solution they need. WeatherData made a major decision in 2002 when it embarked on developing a powerful consumer product, Storm Hawk®. Storm Hawk brings weather to a different scale than the average consumer is used to. The company amassed into this new product all of its weather expertise, innovations to date, and 15 years' experience in GIS-based mapping software. For the first time, consumers and businesses will have a "User Centric™" weather experience. Anywhere, anytime, consumers can get highly specific weather information centered on their location and oriented to their direction of travel.

For certain industries such as emergency management and television weather, Storm Hawk will interact with WeatherData's patented SelectWarn® command and warning center. SelectWarn (for "selective warning") enables the precise warning of people in danger while not warning those that will be unaffected by a storm. SelectWarn and Storm Hawk not only have an important role in weather warnings, but also have vital capabilities in the field of homeland security.


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