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Air Safety Week: Better Imaging May Be Best Hope For Shorter Checkpoint Lines (Find Articles, January 2006)


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Active Millimeter Wave Video Rate Imaging  With a Staring
120 Element Microbolometer Array

PDF (583 KB)

Concealed Explosive Detection on Personnel Using a Wideband Holographic Millimeter Wave Imaging System

PDF (736 KB)

Effective Reconstruction Approaches to Millimeter Wave Imaging of Humans

PDF (665 KB)

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Radiometry

PDF (311 KB)

Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging and Potential Applications in Homeland Security and Aeronautics

PDF (1.09 MB)

Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging with Super-Resolution: Application to Aviation Safety in Extremely Poor Visibility

PDF (820 KB)

Portable Concealed Weapon Detection Using
Millimeter Wave FMCW Radar Imaging

PDF (1.46 MB)

Terahertz Active Direct Detection Imagers

PDF (239 KB)


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