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The following companies provide not only products but also a full
array of services in the field of emergency management, business continuity, and training.
(They are listed alphabetically)

OnSite ERT is a wireless personnel accountability and resource tracking system that tracks all emergency responders and their equipment automatically, and in real-time.  It is an all-hazards solution that improves multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary situational awareness by providing Unified Command with real-time, mission critical data regarding on-scene resources. For more Information visit

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Air Security International

Overall the Company Provides Services in:
Global Intelligence & Monitoring
Travel (i.e. travel briefings)
Aviation (i.e. aircraft security management)
Global Ground Transportation
Personal Protection
Assessment Services
Training (i.e. traveler, exec. & aviation security training)
Investigative Services
In the field of Emergency Response & Crisis Management ASI provides the following services:
Emergency Response
Asset & Property Protection
Crisis Management Planning
Executive Tabletop Exercise

"Our security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists enable us to provide decision-makers with strategic solutions, training and the ability to react to unexpected events that require prompt and decisive action. In the field, clients are directly supported by our network of highly trained on-the-ground security specialists. We also have established relationships with aviation charter companies around the globe and can provide emergency medical services through our affiliates."


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CH2M Hill is an international leader in full service engineering, contructions and operations.
Their Security & Emergency Management Services Include:
Security Master Planning
Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
Security System Design & Integration
Security Operations & Control
Training (Physical Protection Systems Course)
Emergency Management Systems
Homeland Security Grant Services

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iJet Intelligent Risk Systems

iJET is a leader in enterprise risk management technology and integrated crisis response services - protecting employees and assets around the globe.

iJET was incorporated in 1999 with a mission of protecting international travelers through the use of our proprietary technology and services platform. That mission has evolved and broadened over time as their Worldcue® Risk Management System has been applied to protecting both employees and other assets of multinational corporations.

The escalation of terrorism, infectious diseases, and unforeseen natural disasters has forced multinational organizations and their employees to re-evaluate their perception of risk.  Such events are often beyond a company's control, yet corporate liability and responsibility to employees and assets continues to increase.  As a result, corporations need a fresh approach and new set of tools to meet the operational risk management demands in today's business environment.

They deliver timely, actionable intelligence to their clients - 24x7 - so they can make informed decisions across all classes of risk. iJET provides clients with the ability to track and communicate with employees, monitor and assess threats relative to facilities and assets, and deploy crisis response services throughout the world - anytime, anywhere.


They Monitor

(provide daily intelligence briefings, have access to intelligence database and alerts &  to experienced analysts),


(link threats to affected global assets, track and communicate with travelers, push alerts to impacted personnel)

& Respond
(they have 24x7 access to emergency responders & provide integrated security and medical assistance)

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Headquartered in El Segundo, California, with locations across the country and approximately 115 employees, NC4 (The National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination) provides Situational Awareness and Situational Readiness to both business and government. NC4 accomplishes this with offerings that improve the prevention, protection, response and recovery phases for those organizations and individuals involved in:

Corporate Security

Business Continuity Management

Emergency Management

Homeland Security

Law Enforcement

Highly Advanced Security

Situational Awareness
NC4 provides its customers with a higher level of preparedness. Focusing on External Situational Awareness (ESA), NC4 monitors incidents occurring around the globe through its NC4 Incident Monitoring Centers (NIMCs), 24 X 7, 365 days a year.


Situational Response
When a significant incident occurs, NC4 provides the E Team emergency management system to our customers to respond and recover faster. E Team allows those involved in responding to an actual emergency with the ability to collaborate and manage their efforts, across multiple organizations, from a single common view and coordination point.


Highly Advanced Security
Due to the nature of their operations, many NC4 customers deal with highly sensitive information. This information must be handled with the utmost security, particularly when others need to collaborate around that information. In response to this, NC4 offers Extranet Security Portals (ESP). NC4’s ESP offerings provide highly secure, web-accessible portals to handle highly sensitive information and collaboration.

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Orsus® is a pioneer in the field of Situation Management – a new, holistic approach to optimizing situation planning, response and analysis. With its flagship Situator™ product suite, Orsus is focused on developing software, services and knowledge to bridge the gaps between human and physical resources to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of site safety and security.

Situator, the Situation Management system for integrated security and safety control rooms, creates an environment where technologies, people and actionable procedures are fused into a customizable unified control and management platform, while delivering the following benefits:

Faster, more efficient first response

Reduced operational costs

Reduced human error

Continuously improves preparedness

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Smiths Detection offers complete security solutions through
(Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry),

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