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Capture offers an innovative line of CCTV products, designed for applications requiring high quality and unmatched dependability. The Complete Video Surveillance System from Capture includes the award-winning OmniScape, Fastrax and Minitrax pan - tilt - zoom cameras, and firm-favorite digital video recorders. Capture products feature a 3-year warranty, and are designed with extreme attention to detail, at a price much lower than you would expect. Capture: Every Detail

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GPSitTM Inc.

GPSitTM Inc. is a Location Based Service Provider (LBSP). They provide tracking devices and on-line tracking services. Their currrent products include the The GPSitTM Find & SeeTM 1 (FS1) and the The GPSitTM Find & SeeTM 2 (FS2).

 The GPSitTM Find & SeeTM 1 (FS1) - for personal use - is a small wireless tracking device designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, private investigators and government agencies. It is specifically designed as a "ready to go" wireless tracking device, small in size, low cost with a long battery life. It works using assisted GPS (AGPS), and code division multiple access (CDMA) wireless cellular technology. It will locate vehicles or packages using a timed synchronized system that provides precise location fixes. GPSit's exclusive Find & SeeTM Locator software plots the exact location of the FS1TM onto easy to see digital maps with satellite view available 24/7 from our website.

The GPSit's Find & SeeTM2 (FS2) vehicle theft recovery device is easily hidden under the car's dashboard. It is a hard wired, vehicle, fleet, cargo and asset tracking device.  It 's ideal surveillance should be for setting up "Bait Cars". The FS2 is easily concealable, portable and transferable.  It has a dual power design for added security and continuous tracking for up to 72 hours if the power source is cut (works even after main power supply to the car has been cut off).

Soon GPSitTM will expand its services capabilities by offering private and secure online tracking services for virtually any cell phone in the nation. Find and SeeTM a person's location online with the same wireless solution that law enforcement agencies across the nation use everyday. Their cell phone compatible technology will allow virtually every cell phone to become a personal asset location device. This will allow parents to know the location of their children in a very non-intrusive and secure manner, and allow cell phone users and law enforcement officials to find misplaced, lost and stolen phones.

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Petards Joyce-Loebl provide solutions for the following Markets:


Emergency Services;

Retail, Hospitality & Leisure;

Local Governments;

Ports and Aiports;

Public Land Transport

Our Emergency Services include:* Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Mobile Data using ruggedised computers in-vehicle;* ANPR for control room and fixed operations, where multi-camera and distributed networks of cameras and computers can be supported;* Evidence capture using latest digital recording technologies;* Van based crowd control / rapid response systems;* Wireless transmission of video and data for surveillance and covert/overt operations and driver monitoring;Control room CCTV systems including the ability to network and command cameras from local authority systems and dedicated resources;* Driving School systems for audited training of police, fire and ambulance drivers.Petards Joyce-Loebl operates in the following Defence sectors:SurveillanceFighting VehiclesElectronic WarfareMoD Radio CataloguePost Design Service

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US Intelligence Agency

The United States Intelligence Agency is a leader in the development of the latest strategies and technologies in counterterrorism, intelligence gathering, and corporate security consulting. They provide Surveillance & Tracking (corporate surveillance & countersurveillance, Predictive Incident Evaluation (violence prevention & employee assessment services), Intelligence & Data (on individuals, organizations and corporations worldwide), Electronic Counter Measures (detect audio and video interception devices), Security Need Evaluation And Knowledge (SNEAK - conduct real-life incursions aimed at defeating or compromising your organization's security infrastructure), and provides intelligence and data reports (Asset & Recovery Intel, Corporate Intel., Civil and/or criminal court intel., public records and personal intel.)

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