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The following companies focus on providing different types of Emergency
Notification and/or Warning Systems.
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Send Word Now

Send Word Now's Smart Notification Services enable businesses and organizations to easily, quickly and securely communicate via voice or text with tens, hundreds or thousands of people anywhere, anytime. Built on a smart and flexible platform, Send Word Now allows for all types of mission critical content to be delivered during routine, time sensitive and emergency events.

The services offer two-way communications in real time to provide first responders, emergency coordinators, business continuity managers, government and public health officials and other stakeholders the ability to communicate rapidly and effectively organize inter and intra agency coordination.

Working with leading content providers, including weather and health providers, the web-based services enable businesses and organizations to automatically deliver notifications based on predefined parameters. The proactive nature of the automated triggers, in addition to the ability to manually generate alerts, allows for faster delivery, greater efficiency and a better outcome. The ability to receive notifications on any device, including e-mail, the web, PDA and phone helps assure message delivery.

ZENS™:  the Zylaya Emergency Notification System. In the outbound direction, ZENS is an alert delivery system you can use to send messages to some or all users, and to some or all public displays. In the inbound direction, ZENS is a way for your users to summon assistance when they need help or when they see trouble. Your dispatcher is provided with information about the specific location and the identity of the person in need of assistance.

In addition to its use as a notification system, ZENS serves as a platform for location-based services for the campus safety and end user communities. Asset tracking and personnel tracking are easy to implement. I Am Here and Follow Me services can be added at any time to a ZENS installation.

Managing campus security is a significant undertaking. We can help.

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