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We attended the 2006 American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Annual Seminar and Exhibit held in San Diego, CA during the last week of September looking for innovative solutions and the latest technology advancements in security. The ASIS sponsored events started on Saturday September 23rd with comprehensive educational seminars held over a two day period. Topics included: “Defending Against Terrorism: Open Source Data Mining and Intelligence Exploitation”, “Detecting Deception in Verbal & Written Statements”, “Successful Security Consulting”, “Emergency Management Planning/Cost Effective Institutional Protection Management”, “CPP Certification”, etc.

The Exhibit itself started on Monday thru Wednesday and featured innovations from over 900 companies. ASIS also offered over 150 educational sessions (1 hour long on average) on various topics ranging from “Computer Forensic Primer” to “Crisis Response Training”.

Attendees included firefighters, police officers, emergency managers (Incl. EMS), corporate security consultants & officers, representatives from various U.S. military branches, CEOs, CFOs, VPs, engineers, and various U.S. government agency reps.

This event was a great educational experience as it gave us a great opportunity to gain a unique insight in evolving technologies. We hereby want to offer you a short “apercu” of these outstanding evolving technologies.


But that 2006. The ASIS International 54th Annual Convention is taking place September 15-18, 2008 in Atlanta, GA. For more information, click here.



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