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Emergency Hospital Preparedness in NY City (May 2004)

Empowering America: A Proposal for Enhancing Regional Preparedness (April 2006)

Intergovernmental Dimensions of Domestic Preparedness (John F. Kennedy School of Government, November 2001)

Maine Summit on Sub State Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Breakout Summaries (No Date)

Risk Management of International Trade: Emergency Preparedness (By A. Torres, M.J. David, Q.P. Bowman, 2002)


Mitigation And Prevention (By Akers and Kimberling, January 2006)

National Mitigation Strategy: Towards a Canadian Approach: A guide for Deliberation (2002)

State & Local Mitigation Planning: How to Guide

Towards a National Disaster Mitigation Strategy (Government of Canada , January 2002)

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection In The Fight Against Terrorism (October 2004)

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Survey of World Activities (April 2004)

Green Paper on a European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (November 2005)

Trusted Information Sharing Network: Critical Infrastructure Protection: National Strategy (March 2004)


City of Alexandria:Office of Emergency Management Website (Spring 2003)

National Incident Management System (March 2004)

National Leadership Forum on Disaster Volunteerism (April 2002)

Reducing Disaster Vulnerability Through Science & Technology (July 2003)

The Truth About FEMA_Analysis and Proposals (By J.J. Carafano and R. Weitz, December 2005)



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