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This People/Pet Locator Tool is to be used ONLY in times of crisis.
It was created to allow residents to post their own whereabouts and other pertinent information, as well as find information about the location of their family and friends in the events following a disaster/evacuation.
An INPUT form has been created to allow you to post and find information about your loved ones.
This input form is Pet Friendly (you may enter information if you are looking for a pet or have found a pet).
This form is ONLY to be used in times of crisis (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires) that are recognized as City, County, State Emergencies.
To access the INPUT form simply click on "Enter Locator Tool" to your post information,
And click on "View Locator Tool" to look for the information posted by others.


Rover Respond'R
Wag'N Rover Respond'R

Wag'N Enterprises' Rover Respond'R®

Wag'N Rover Respond'R® originally launched in 2008 as a membership type service. Since then it evolved into a more affordable all-hazards and all-encompassing product offering for pet owners. The premise of the Wag'N Rover Respond'R® is to compel pet owners in preparing their own individualized pet safety plan.

To learn more please visit

Social Networking Site

Developed as a response to Hurricane Katrina, this website can now be used to let people send their whereabouts during emergency and non emergency times. Currently used by the Red Cross on its "Safe & Well" Site, this site lets users receive message updates and text messages back using SMS technology.


             We STRONGLY encourage State and Local Emergency Management Agencies to consider creating & implementing a "People Locator Tool" into their system immediately and campaign it as much as possible and as soon as possible. Whether it is on your website or through a “wide flyer campaign”, we need for you to be as CREATIVE as possible. Make sure it can be used in times of crisis to post information as to were one is going, arrived, who they are looking for, etc.

              Emergency managers need to be PRO ACTIVE in this matter. This CANNOT be emphasized enough! Your constituents need to know about your program WAY BEFORE an incident strikes your community. This program's concept needs to be recognized and validated by the community you serve PRIOR to an emergency. Conduct dry runs of your system. Involve your community.  
“Improvising” is great and necessary during and after emergencies but it should however  not be an excuse to wait and do nothing when we could positively reduce the strain of emergencies by being somewhat ready for the “communication chaos” that will reign for the well know first 72 hours. Let’s relieve some of that tension NOW and be ready to help post their whereabouts before and after the crisis. Finding a child/parent or loved one is dramatic enough without the chaos!

             Remember that your plan should include PETS! Some citizens have shown their strong attachment to their pets during the Katrina rescue efforts. Have a plan NOW to satisfy inquiries THEN about what will happen to their pets and where they can find more information once rescued.  Your community doesn't NEED another Snowball controversy!

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