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9/11 Attacks_Policy Outlook: U.S. and World Response to the Attacks in the Fall of 2001, December 2001by Ines de Pablo

9/11 Arlington County After Action Report

American Red Cross: Terrorism - Preparing for the Unexpected (October 2001)

Combating Terrorism_Research Priorities in the Social_Behavioral & Economic Sciences

Commission of the European Communities_Revised Action Plan on Terrorism (June 2005)

Coordinating The War on Terrorism (RAND March 2004)

Countering Terrorism_Lessons Learned from Natural and Technological Disasters (March 2002)

Counter Terrorism: The New American Perspective, Fall 2001 by Ines de Pablo

Emergency Preparedness for Transit Terrorism (May-June 2000)

Emergency Response to Terrorism Self Study

FEMA_Emergency Response to Terrorism (February 2003)

GAO_Combating Terrorism_Interagency Framework and Agency Programs to Address the Overseas Threat (May 2003)

GAO_Selected Challenges and Related Recommendations (September 2001)

GAO: Testimony-Combating Terrorism: National Strategy to Enhance State & Local Preparedness, March 2002

How Emotions & Personality Effect the Utility of Alternative Decisions: A Terror Target Selection Case Study * NEW!

Information Sharing and Emergency Responder Safety Management (RAND March 2006)

Introduction to CBRNE Terrorism (January 2006)

Local Law Enforcement Responds to Terrorism_Lessons in Prevention & Preparedness (2002)

Modeling and Simulating Terrorist Decision Making: A performance Moderator Fiction Approach to Generating Virtual Opponents * NEW!

National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (February 2003)

National Strategy To Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction. White House December 2002

Nations Hospitable to Organized Crime & Terrorism (October 2003)

Protecting Emergency Responders_Volume 3_Safety Management in Disastre and Terrorism Response (2004)

Report to Congress on Combating Terrorism (Office of Management & Budget 2003)

Saving City Lifelines_ Lessons Learned in the 9_11 Terrorist Attacks (MIT Report_Sept 2003)

Sociology & Psychology of Terrorism : Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why? - Sept 1999 * NEW!

Strengthening Federal-State Relationships to Prevent and Respond to Terrorism (2003)

Terrorism: A Community Response (Guide for Boston Residents February 2003)

Terrorism: Key Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and Recent Major Commissions and Inquiries (CRS Report to Congress, August 2004)

Terrorism Preparedness: A Catalog of Federal Assistance Programs (December 2001)

Terrorism: The Future and US Foreign Policy (April 2003)

Terrorism: Transit and Public Safety_ Evaluating the Risk (December 2005)

The French Experience of Counter-Terrorism (Spring 2003)

Truck Bomb: Terrorism Risk Assessment for GWU, by Ines de Pablo et al.

Uniting Against Terrorism_Recommendations for a global Counter Terrorism Strategy (United Nations General Assembly 2006)

When Devils Walk The Earth * NEW!


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